Top 10 Highest Paid NFL Players in 2017

Today we are looking at the careers of the top ten highest paid NFL players of 2017. Football is a tough sport, and you have to be tenacious, use your brains and braun to not only succeed, but survive. These players spend most of their time concentrating on the game, training and perfecting their chosen craft, as well as being heavily invested in charitable causes. All of the stats, as well as their paycheck amounts have been retrieved from official NFL website, and are accurate to the best of our knowledge.

Here are the top ten highest paid NFL players of 2017-2018

10) Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh Steelers – $21,850,000

Ben Roethlisberger highest paid NFL players of 2017

Coming in at number ten for our countdown of the highest paid NFL players in 2017 is Ben Roethlisberger, who wears the number 7 jersey for the Pittsburgh Steelers, playing quarterback position. Born on March 2, 1982 in Lima Ohio, Roethlisberger has a degree in education, and is married to Ashley Harlan. Roethlisberger was round 1, pick 1 in the 2004 NFL draft, his NFL 2017 contract guarantees him $21,850,000. He is a 2 time Super Bowl Champion and 5 time Pro Bowl, NFL passing yards leader for 2014. As of 2017 his stats include 6,003 passing attempts, 3,851 passing completions, a passing percentage of 64.2 percent, 47,320 total passing yards and a passer rating of 94.1 percent.

9) Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks – $21,900,000

Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson is currently the quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, he and his lovely wife, R & B singer Ciara have one daughter, Sienna. Russell’s current NFL contract for 2017 brings him $21,900,000 a year for a salary. Wilson was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, November 29, 1988. He has been with the Seahawks since 2012, NFL draft round 3, pick 75. Wilson has had more than his share of accolades, such as Super Bowl Champion (XLVIII), 3 time Pro Bowl and NFL passer rating leader of 2015. As of 2017, Wilson has a passer rating of 98.9, completion percentage of 64.5 percent, 18, 549 passing yards, 2,763 rushing yards and 13 rushing touchdowns.

8) Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers – $22,000,000

Aaron Rodgers

When you see quarterback Aaron Rodgers and his teammates do the “Championship Belt” after a touchdown, it comes from a certain way Rodgers moves, imitating securing a ‘championship belt’ around his waist. Aaron Rodgers NFL contract of $22,000,000 puts him at number 8 on our countdown of the highest paid NFL players of 2017. He was born in Chico, California on December 2, 1983 and has been playing quarterback for the Green Bay Packers since 2005 when he was the Round 1, 24th draft pick. He has been the NFL’s MVP 2011 and 2014, a 6 time Pro Bowl player. His NFL stats as of 2017 are 37,138 passing yards, 2,565 rushing yards, 25 rushing touchdowns, a completion percentage of 65.2 and his passer rating of 104.0 is an all time NFL record.

7) Joe Flacco, Baltimore Ravens – $22,133,333

Joe Flacco

At our seventh position, is Joe Flacco, whose NFL 2017 contract gives him $22,133,333 per year. Joe Flacco hails from Audubon, New Jersey, is married to Dana Flacco since 2011 and was voted the most attractive player in the NFL in 2017 by Fanatics. He was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens in 2008, round 1, pick 18. He was a Super Bowl champion in 2012, and a Super Bowl MVP. His passing stats include 4,759 passing attempts, 2,924 passing completions, a passing percentage of 61.4, a passing yard total of 32,760 and a passer rating of 84.5.

6) Kirk Cousins, Washington Redskins – $23,943,600

Kirk Cousins

Kirk Cousins whose contract assures him of $23,943,600 a year, has garnered the nickname of ‘Captain Kirk’, from Star Trek fame, due to his unique and influential style of leadership. Kirk wears the number 8 jersey for the Washington Redskins and plays quarterback. Born on August 19, 1988 in Barrington, Illinois he was the 2012 NFL draft pick 102, round 4 and played in the 2016 Pro Bowl. Kirk has 1,596 passing attempts, 1,048 passign completions, a completion percentage of 65.7 percent, 12,353 passing yards and a passer rating of 93.1. He has been married to Julie Cousins since 2014.

5) Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints – $24,250,000

Drew Brees

Born on January 15, 1979, in Austin Texas, Drew Brees plays quarterback, number 9, for the New Orleans Saints. He makes $24,250,000 per year in an NFL career which began in 2001, when he played for the San Diego Chargers. Drew then went onto play for the New Orleans Saints. Drew was awarded the Super Bowl MVP award for Super Bowl XLIV, he was in the Pro Bowl ten times: 2004, 2006, 2008-2014, 2016, and was NFL Offensive Player of the year for 2008 and 2011, and 4 time NFL passing touchdown leader: 2008, 2009, 2011, and 2012. He has 8,795 passing attempts, 5,863 passing completions, a completion percentage of 66.7 percent, 66, 402 passing yards and a passer rating of 96.3. Brees and his wife, Brittany are involved in a variety of charities, and founded the Frees Dream Foundation in 2003 which supports cancer patients.

4) Carson Palmer, Arizona Cardinals – $24,350,000

Carson Palmer

NFL player Carson Palmer has had a nice career in the sport, having played for the Cincinnati Bengals, Oakland Raiders and currently quarterback with the Arizona Cardinals. His contract nets him $24,350,000 a year in 2017, he has been in 3 pro bowels: 2005, 2006, and 2015, and was the NFL passing touchdownleader of 2005. Carson was the 2003 NFL draft pick 1, round 1, has 6,040 passing attempts, 3,777 passign completions, 44, 269 passing yards, a completion percentage of 62.5 percent and a passer rating of 88.0. Palmer is a devout Christian and is happily married to Shaelynn Palmer, they have a son Fletch and daughter Elle.

3) Andrew Luck, Indianapolis Colts – $24,594,000

Andrew Luck

With a contract that guarantees him $24,594,000, Andrew Luck of the Indianapolis Colts comes in at number three. This quarterback has a bachelors degree in architectural design, wears the number 12 jersey and was born on September 12, 1989 in Washington, D.C, and attended college at Stanford where he won both the Maxwell award and Walter Camp award. In the NFL draft of 2012 he was round 1, pick 1, and participated in 3 pro bowls, 2012, 2013 and 2014. In 2014 Andrew was the NFL passing touchdown leader, and has a passing completion percentage of 59.2 percent, passing yards of 19,078 and passer rating of 87.3.

2) Derek Carr, Oakland Raiders – $25,000,000

Derek Carr

Bakersfield, California is the birthplace of the player who has our number two spot on the countdown, Derek Carr of the Oakland Raiders. Derek’s contract gives him $25,000,000 a year. Derek is the quarterback for the Oakland Raiders, and wears the number 4 jersey. Born on March 28, 1991, he went to college at Fresno State, was the NFL draft pick 36, round to in 2014, and played in the Pro Bowl for both 2015 and 2016. He has a total of 1,764 pass attempts, 1,077 completions which gives a completion percentage of 61.1 percent, total passing yards of 11,456 and a passer rating of 88.4 percent. Derek is married to Heather Neel and they have two sons, Dallas and Deker Luke.

1) Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions – $27,000,000

Matthew Stafford highest paid NFL players of 2018

The number one on our list of the 10 highest paid NFL players of 2017 is Detroit Lion quarterback, Matthew Stafford. Born in Tampa, Florida on February 7, 1988 Stafford was round 1, pick 1 in the NFL draft in 2009. He currently wears the number 9 jersey for the Detroit Lions. NFL won Comeback Player of the Year in 2011, has 4,326 pass attempts, with 2,663 pass completions making a completion percentage of 61.6 percent, total passing yards of 30, 595, with a passer rating of 87.1. Stafford’s 2017 contract gives him a nice, fat $27,000,000 paycheck. Stafford is happily married to Kelly Hall and are proud parents of twins Chandler and Sawyer.

Well, we hope you have enjoyed our countdown of the highest paid NFL players of 2017 as much as we enjoyed preparing it for you. The phrase ‘no rest for the weary’ can very well apply to these players, as they lead very demanding lives, with very little precious time for themselves or their families. Much is asked of them from the team owners, team players, as well as fans. Please stop by soon to see another of our fabulous countdowns, until then, much success to you and yours.

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