Rick Harrison Net Worth

Rick Harrison is a reality television personality and a businessman who has become famous due to his reality television show that is aired on History Channel known as Pawn Stars. He is also the co-owner of Gold & Silver Pawn Shop. Pawn Stars series has become of the most popular series in the world and its ratings have skyrocketed in the roof which can make someone wonder exactly what’s Rick Harrison net worth in 2018? Let’s get into more details and uncover exactly the net value of Rick Harrison is and a few things probably you don’t know about Rick Harrison.

Rick Harrison Biography

Richard Kevin Harrison is the son of Joanne Rhue Harrison and Richard Benjamin Harrison. He was born as their third child in the state of North Carolina in 1965. He grew up in California but when he was a child he suffered epileptic seizures, he went to school at Taft Middle School but he dint complete he dropped out at tenth grade. At the age of 17 Harrison married his girlfriend Kim and together they had two children although one died and soon after they divorced. Upon divorce he married Tracy whom in 2012 divorced. In 2013 Harrison married Deanna Burditt.

Rick Harrison Net Worth


Rick Harrison co own the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas a business they started with the father in 1989. The business grew well and in 2005 they could give out loans worth $3 million which brought in around $700,000 interest. Today the business has grew big to an extent it has been awarded the Pawnbroker of the year award.

Harrison career into television came along after years of trying to pitch his idea of making a reality show based on his pawn shop to several local media without a success. He managed to convince History Channel and the show which was formally known as Pawning History was changed to Pawn Stars. Today the show features the Old Man (Harrison father), Harrison son Corey and some employees of Harrison. In 2011 the show was the highest rated program in History Channel and the second-best reality show in the world that time. apart from his own television show he has also appeared in others such as “I Lost My Head in Vegas”, The Middle””iCarly”, “The Safe”.

Rick has also published a biography called License to Pawn, My Life at the Gold & Silver which is a best seller, among others.

On awards and achievements: Rick has received Pawnbroker of the year award for making pawn industry more popular and portraying a good image. Clark county announced 2012 July 17 to be Pawn Stars Day.

How much is net worth of Rick Harrison

Rick Harrison net worth stands at about $8 million. Pawn Stars has been the greatest booster of Rick Harrison net worth. Today Gold & Silver Pawn shop has also been another of Rick Harrison net worth and the foundation his wealth. Pawn Stars has more than 10 million viewers and one of the top 50 popular TV shows in the United States.

6 Facts You Need To Know About Rick Harrison

Rick Harrison is one of the most awesome bald guys who is nothing short of awesome. He and the Pawn Stars crew have turned the reality television show to be one of the remarkable shows to watch. Though he has been around for more than a decade now you might think your familiar with him too well but you are not. Here are a few things probably you don’t know about Rick Harrison.

1. One of the weird things Rick Harrison has ever purchase is a Japanese porn that was made 200 years ago.

2. He owns a Smokey and the Bandit’s vehicle.

3. A man once to sell a dufflebag that was full of human skulls to him telling him that a dental school got rid of them.

4. Today the most expensive item you can buy in the shop is not the Super bowl ring but JFK’s cigar box.

5. He loves eating and wouldn’t interact with fans before he is done with eating.

6. Harrison doesn’t watch TV. How weird would it be considering he is on TV?

Rick Harrison net worth fortune has been as a result of doing business with the most weird things and since his show Pawn Stars is not ending anytime soon we ought to see more of him in 2018.