Jon Stewart Net Worth

Ever wondered on Jon Steward net worth in 2018? Jon Stewart is a television host, a best seller author, an actor, film producer, a political commentator and one of Americas outspoken and humorous comedians. He has a diverse media career where he has held shows on MSNBC, Fox News, U.S Media, CNN among other media channels. He has been a host of Comedy Central, The Daily Show and many others. as an actor he has been in a number of films and the latest ones being The Great Buck Howard 2008, The Beaver 2011, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice 2016 and Tickling Giants in 2017. Let’s now have a look at Jon Stewart net worth and a few things or rather facts you probably don’t know about Jon Stewart.

Jon Stewart Biography

Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz Aka Jon Stewart hails from Atlanta where he was born in 1962 in New York City. He is the son of Donald Leibowitz and Marian Laskin who moiled as a physics lecturer and a teacher respectively. He went to the College Of William & Mary in Virginia and graduated in 1984 where he was studying chemistry and psychology. In school, he used to participate in games where he joined and played for their football team.

Jon Stewart Net Worth

After dating his current wife, Tracey Lynn McShane for 4 years, he married her in 2000. The couple were blessed with two children.


Jon Stewart started his career as a comedian where he performed during the night at the Comedy Cellar stage. After performing for two years, he got a media job to write for the Caroline’s Comedy Hour in 1989. The following year he anchored a comedy show alongside Patty Rosborough which was called Short Attention Span Theatre. He also anchored, You Wrote It, You Watch It which was broadcasted on MTV in 1992. Jon rose to prominence in 1993 after launching his own show on MTV dubbed The Jon Stewart Show which emerged to be the first talk show in the media industry. His other success was in 1999 after he hosted a comedy show called The Daily Show which he retired from in 2015. Jon Stewart has hosted several shows on TV some of them including The Late Late Show with Tom Snyder, Saturday Night Live, and many more.

As a writer, Jon published his initial book in 1998 entitled Naked Pictures of Famous People which became one of the best sellers in New York. Other books that he wrote are America (The Book): A Citizens Guide To Democracy Inaction (2004) and Earth (The Book): A Visitors Guide To The Human Race (2010)

In addition to his profession Jon is also an actor and has appeared in many TV series and movies his recent being; Rosewater 2014, The Late Show With Stephen Colbert 2015- Present, Gravity Falls 2015, Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Justice 2016, And Tickling Giants 2017.

Jon started his production firm called Busboy Productions in the 1990s. He later made a contract with Miramax who wanted to establish their various projects through his production firm. He has since produced shows and films such as the Three Strike, Important Things with Dimitri Martin and The Donor. After hosting The Daily Show, it influenced him to have a passion in directing films and TV shows in the near future.

On Awards and Achievements: Jon has been awarded with dozens of accolades totaling to 56 and received 136 nominations. The accolades are 2 Grammy Awards and 22 Emmy Awards while the nominations are on 2 Grammy Awards and on 46 Emmy Awards.

How much is net worth of Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart net worth as of 2018 stands at $80 million. its reported that Jon Stewart earning annually totals to $25 million. The source of Jon Stewart net worth fortunes of $80 million is as a result of his numerous hosting of shows in nearly all major media houses such as CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, U.S Media and others where his shows are highly rated. His acting career both in films (21 films) and television and authoring gig where some of his books such as America (The Book): A Citizen’s Guide to Democracy Inaction has become a best seller and several others. Jon also do public speaking which and also go on comedy tours which adds some dough to his overall net worth value. Hosting highly rated shows such as Comedy Central and the Daily show do earn Jon around $16 million alone annually.

6 Facts You Need To Know About Jon Stewart.

Steward is the kind of people you get to enjoy their shows since they are definitely humorous and regardless of the number of shows he has done across all major media houses here are some of the things you probably don’t know about Jon Stewart.

1. His children were born through the aid of vitro fertilization

2. He has been into public speaking where in 2001 and 2002, he anchored the Grammy and the Academy Awards respectively.

3. In the 1988 US elections, he voted for George Bush as the president.

4. Did you know that he named his production firm after his former job at Busboy?

5. His wife and he concurrently changed their surname to Stewart.

6. He was nervous to stand in front of people to perform for the first time at the comedy club.

Jon Stewart net worth figures is a clear symbol of how successful he has been in his career over the years. Now that he isn’t retiring any time soon keep turning to some of his shows if you desire some humor.