Farrah Abraham Net Worth

Farrah Abraham is a reality television personality, an actor and a model. You might know her from the reality television series 16 and pregnant which aired back in 2009 or through the spin off series Teen Mom where she made it in its four seasons until it came to end in 2012. You might as well know her from her adult films in porn sites. For more information regarding Farrah Abraham net worth in 2018 scroll below to find out how much this Teen Mom star is worth in 2018. In addition, you will find out a few things you probably don’t know about Farrah Abraham.

Farrah Abraham Biography

Farrah Lynn Abraham is an American born in Omaha, Nebrasaka in the county of Douglas in 1991. He was born from a Danish mother and a Syrian father and raised up in the city of Council Bluffs. She is a mother to Sophia Laurent Abraham whose father died Derek Underwood. He has been on and off relationship with Saran but seems it’s not working out.

Farrah Abraham Net Worth


Her career in acting kicked off when she appeared in the second episode of 16 and Pregnant where in reality she was actually 16 and pregnant. The series focused on her journey to motherhood. Initially she wanted to abort the baby but her mother denied her the chance to since that practice was against her beliefs. She gave birth in 2009. She would later be casted in the spin off series of Teen Mom which was later renamed Teen Mom OG in its fifth season. Teen Mom OG started off in 2009 and after four seasons it cam e into conclusion in 2012. But in 2015 it was revived and she was still part of it and the storyline the same which was following the lives of several cast members among them is Farrah Abraham.

Other than Teen Mom and 16 and pregnant she has been a cast member in other shows such as Couples Therapy, Celebrity Big Brother where she was a Housemate and represented the United States of America and most recently Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Family Edition 2017.

Abraham has also been acting adult films and some of her adult films which you might find in porn sites are Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom released in 2013 and Farrah 2: Backdoor and More released in 2014.

Farrah has also released a studio album titled My Teenage Dream Ended in 2012 and a single released in 2014 tiled “Blowin” (2014). There are also other published works related to her such as My Teenage Dream Ended (2012), Passy Perfume (2012), Celebrity Sex Tape: In The Making (2014), Celebrity Sex Tape: The Secret’s Out (2014) and Celebrity Sex Tape: Love Through Limelight (2015).

On Awards And Achievements: Some of the awards Farrah Abraham has won are EOTM award in the category of Outstanding Literary Work and received a nomination in Adult Video News Awards in the category of Best Anal Sex Scene.

How much is net worth of Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham net worth stands at $1 million. the source of Farrah Abraham net worth fortune is her career in reality television especially on 16 and pregnant and Teen Mom. Another great source of Farrah Abraham net worth wealth is her adult films which one is said to bring him around $1.5 million.in total all her adult movies have accumulated over $3 million and her sponsorship deals a few hundreds of thousands.

7 Facts You Need To Know About Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham is among the most controversial personalities in the media full of scandals, fights, culture crash, a bachelor, adult films and so much more on her plate. Since she has been on the media too often for the wrong reasons let’s find out a few things you don’t know about Farrah Abraham.

1. Over her life she has had a lot of therapy which has taught her how to overcome regrets and how to stop harboring resettlement’s.

2. She has undergone numerous plastic surgery procedures which include lip injections, breast, chin implants and several others.

3. She is the owner of Froco fresh Frozen restaurant based in Texas.

4. She has been on New York times’ best seller list with her autobiography my teenage dream ended.

5. What exactly rocketed her into full on stardom isn’t the Teen Mon or 16 and pregnant but the sex tapes did much of the work.

6. She has a company called Mom and Me which deals with her own range of pasta sauce.

7. Did you know that she has 3 college degrees? which is accounting, culinary arts and culinary management.

Farrah Abraham net worth in 2018 is just a reflection of how hardworking she is regardless of what she does to bring food on the table. And since she is still in her 20, s we might get more from her in 2018.