Rihanna Net Worth

Rihanna has many descriptions and it would be right to described as one of the best-selling artists of all time, among the most powerful celebrities, among the influential people in the world, a fashion icon and of course one of the sexiest women of her generation. She has conquered the music world both as a singer and a song writer as well.

In her country of origin, they have even honored her with “Rihanna Day” where they get to celebrate her achievements and success as an international pop star. The mere fact that she has been named one of the best-selling and in addition considering her huge fan base one might wonder what’s Rihanna net worth in current year 2018? How rich is Rihanna? Or rather how wealthy is Rihanna, to get a conclusive answer let me walk you over Rihanna autobiography and have a look at how Rihanna made her fortune.

Rihanna Biography

Barbadian Robyn Rihanna Fenty alias Rihanna was born and bred in Saint Michael, Barbados on February 20th, 1988. She is the daughter of Monica Braithwaite and Ronald Fenty. Who was alcoholic and also addicted to cocaine. They were raised together with her two siblings and three half-siblings, were her folks invariably disputed. Having a difficult childhood, her parents later annulled when Rihanna was only 14. She pursued her education at Broome Memorial Primary School and Comber Mere High School Rihanna had a past relation with the singer Chris Brown who later was charged for visibly storming her. The singer also dated Travis Scoot and recently she is said to have been dating the Canadian rapper, Drake.

Rihanna Net Worth 2018-2019

Being talented in music, Rihanna used to sing to her family and friends during her teen age just for fun. She complied “Hero”, a Mariah Carey’s single at 15 during their school talent exposition. Rihanna formed a clique with two of her classmates where she once demonstrated for Evan Rogers, a skilled producer. Rihanna’s professional career started after Rogers began purchasing her four-song trial to peculiar recording studios. One piece of her trial song was shifted to Jay Brown’s (the A&R manager) Def Jam Record label where he played it to Jay-Z who was the labels president. Jay Z was instructed by his boss L.A. Reid that he should not let Rihanna leave the house without a contract since he liked the demo and that’s how Rihanna got to Def Jam records.

The following three months after foreboding with Def Jam, Rihanna recorded and exhausted her first album ‘Music Of The Sun’ featuring production from the likes of Tone, Evan Rogers, Poke, Stargate & Carl Sturken. The debut album sold over 69,000 pieces in its basic week embracing no.10 on the Billboard Chart. Its lead single “Pon de Replay’ became a hit and a no one in almost 15 countries and in addition became a no 2 in Billboard Hot 100 and No 1 on the Billboard Dance Club songs.

In 2006 the Barbadian music icon surprised the fans with her second album titled “A Girl Like Me” which was commercially very successful as it sold over 115,000 copies and had even been certified platinum for selling over 1million units. Some of the songs that featured in this second album are “Break it Off”, “SOS”, “Unfaithful” “we ride” among others. In 2007 she released her 3rd music album “Good Girl Gone Bad which had best-selling singles and award-winning singles such as “Umbrella”, “Hate That I Love You”, “Don’t Stop The Music” among others. This third album was a commercial success as it sold over 9 million units globally making it Rihanna’s best-selling album. Apart from the three albums Rihanna has other several albums which are Rated R (2009), Loud (2010), Talk That Talk (2011), Unapologetic (2012) and Anti (2016).

She has collaborated with other artists as well such as Jay-Z, Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Drake, Calvis, among others. Apart from singing career she has also made a career as an actress featuring is films such as Bring It On: All or Nothing (2006), Battleship (2012), Coldplay Live 2012 (2012), Katy Perry: Part of Me (2012), This Is the End (2013), Annie (2014) ,Home (2015), Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (2017) and Ocean’s Eight (2018).

Rihanna Awards

As of today, Rihanna is one of the most awarded artist in history and some of the awards she has received to date are 12 American Music Awards, 8 Barbados Music Awards, 5 BET Awards, 3 BET Hip-Hop Awards, 12 Billboard Music Awards, 1 Billboard Latin Music Awards, 2 BMI London Awards, 2 BMI Pop Awards, 1 BMI R&B/Hip-Hop Awards, 2 BMI Urban Awards, 3 Bravo Otto Awards, 2 BRIT Awards, 8 Grammy Awards, 5 Guinness World Records, 7 iHeartRadio Music Awards, 6 MTV Video Music Awards among others. Total awards won = 159 and total nomination = 554

How much is net worth of Rihanna

Being one of the biggest female artists in the world and among the very top musicians Rihanna has sold more than 54 million albums and 210 million tracks worldwide. After earning $53 million in a span of one year, Rihanna was ranked the most powerful celebrity in 2013. Few years later Rihanna’s net worth has increased up to $245 million as of writing this article.

In addition to her singing career, she has also ventured into various businesses such as being an executive producer, fashion designer, actress, astute business entrepreneur and a philanthropist. The artist also owns a line of fragrances such as “Reb’l Fleur “, which was released in January 2011 and accumulated $80 million. Aside from prevailing in the music industry, she also ruled in the fashion world adding more cash to her net worth.

9 Things You Don’t Know About Rihanna

As we know Rihanna is a huge name in the entertainment industry and considering she is one of the most influential and a best-selling artist of all time she ranks among the very top celebrities people want to know about. Over the years she has evolved from a teen pop icon to a full grown controversial sexy R&B icon. From her songs and all the juicy gossip, you may have heard it might occur to you that you know all about Rihanna but here are nine things you don’t know about Rihanna.

1. Rihanna dint graduate from high school. This was as a result of being offered a contract by Rhythm productions after winning an audition. She is quoted saying she hated schools but if she would have continued she would probably have studied Psychology

2. She confirmed that her real addition is not food, clothes, or money but tattoos. She has over 21 tattoos among the word “love”, a gun, a skull, music notes and others.

3. When she was a child she used to have severe headaches that were caused by the amount of stress she was in as a result of misunderstanding between her parents.

4. On several occasions Rihanna has turned down playboy offers in spite of the sex symbol she is and the provocative images she posts in her social media accounts.

5. Rihanna has insured a lot of sexy assets of hers considering that’s what makes her who she is today. Among those assets she has insured her super stunning sexy legs for $1 million

6. Before becoming a renowned singer, Rihanna together with her dad used to hawk clothes in a street stall where she later started signing and listening to reggae at the age of 7

7. Due to her petite body, she once won a beauty charade during her school talent show.

8. She choose her middle name, Rihanna (an Arabic name meaning “sweet basil”) as her stage name granting that she still thinks of herself as Robyn.

9. Don’t be blinded by her dance moves and her sweet voice she can kick your ass too. She once became an army cadet in a sub-military docket in her fundamental Barbados.

Rihanna net worth of $230 million at the time of writing is a clear indication that all you need to do is take a risk and work hard on your talent. Education is essential in life but not everyone is meant to succeed through education so for those without formal education exploit your talents fully.

Through her achievements it’s evident that Rihanna evolved from being a reserved girl who loved singing to a multi-award best-selling artist. Rihanna’s irrefutable cultural domination will endlessly be trademarked in her record as a global figure regardless of her young age.