George Michael Net Worth

Grammy-winning pop superstar George Michael was an English record produce, a singer/songwriter who came to the limelight as a member of music duo Wham!.in the 1980,s and 1990,s he released singles such as “Last Christmas”, and “Waje Me Up Before You Go-Go that were a hit and in his lifetime he sold around 115 million records globally making him one of the best-selling music artist globally as well as best-selling British acts of all time.

Though he is no longer with us as he died in in December 2016 from natural causes one wonders what was George Michael net worth and even though he was the most played artist in the British radio between 1984 and year 2004 how well did you know him? I have compiled a few things you probably dint know about George Michael too.

George Michael Biography

Born Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou in 1963, George hails from East Finchley. He is the son of Jack Kyriacos Panayiotou of Greek deity who moiled as a restaurateur and Lesley Angold of Jewish deity who was a dancer. George sadly passed away on December 25th, 2016 just from natural causes. He was raised in Kingsbury, London together with his senior sisters; Melanie & Yioda and pursued his education at Kingsbury high school. He realised his passion in music after attending, Bushy Meads School where he met his duo, Andrew Ridgeley.

George Michael Net Worth 2018-2019

Being gay and bisexual, Michael had several relationships with both men and women with no children. They included; in 1980’s with Kathy Jeung, in 1992 with Anselmo Feleppa (died of AIDS in 1993), in 1996 with Kenny Gross and finally in 2012 with Fadi Fawaz.

After meeting his band mate, Andrew Ridgeley in school, they formed the Wham group in 1981 and debuted with their first mix tape, ‘Fantastic’ which emerged number 1 in the UK records. After their success the duo continued realising debut albums which also topped the charts. Fans speculated their separation after Michael singly released; ‘Careless Whisper’ and ‘A Different Corner’ but the two officially split up in 1987.

After going solo, Michael collaborated with Aretha Franklin and their song, ‘I Knew You Were Waiting’ emerged no.1 on the billboard and UK records. His first album, ‘Faith’ debuted in 1987 but one of its songs, ‘I Want Your Sex’ was banned due to its bad content. However, the mix tape itself debuted in the UK and Billboard records together with its other singles; ‘One More Try’, ‘Father Figure’ & ‘Monkey’ and was also certified by RIAA as diamond.

Between 1990 and 2004 he released 4 albums including 1990: Listen without Prejudice, 1996: Older, 1999: Songs from the Last Century and 2004: Patient. After his death, his directors planned to launch his life documentary album, ‘Freedom’ which debuted earlier this year.

On Awards and Achievements: George Michael won 19 awards and received 56 nominations. Some of the awards he won are 3 Brit Awards, 6 Ivory Novella Awards, 4 MTV Video Music Awards, 2 Grammy Awards and 3 American Awards among others.

How much is net worth of George Michael

George Michael net worth was at $175 million until his death. Having sold more than 115 million records which made him listed in the list of best-selling artists of all time George Michael net worth was boosted largely by music sales. Another source of George Michael net worth was tours which its reported that earned him also $95 million. Till the time of his death Michael was one of the richest British citizens in the world.

6. Facts You Need To Know About George Michael

To be honest the 1980, s and 1990, s wouldn’t be the same without the voice of the legend pop singer George Michael. Though he is gone the man wrote very amazing lyrics and his voice carried many people away. However just like many artists out there his career had ups and downs and therefore here are six things you probably dint know about George Michael.

1. You remember Elton Johns ‘Nikita” 1985 well George contributed background vocals to the song.

2. He was left handed.

3. The Russian president Vladimir Putin paid him around $3 million to hold a concert in Moscow for one hour in 2007.

4. “Last Christmas” one of his songs has over 400 cover versions.

5. In 2011 he had a medical condition that nearly ended his career for good since it could mess up his voice.

6. He battled addiction of cocaine, and cannabis and on several occasions, was arrested by the police.

The legend he was, Michael will be remembered for not only his hit music during his era but also for his philanthropic acts which showed that he had a giving heart. He will dearly be missed by the fans may his soul rest in peace.