Kanye West Net Worth

“That n**** crazy. Talented but crazy” was Chris Brown’s response to seeing his nude wax figure lying in a bed full of other nude celebrities in Kanye West’s video for “Famous”. This was just one of Kanye’s many provocative (he calls it artsy) stunts.

From calling out former President Bush to making the 2013 VMAs one of the most memorable award shows in history thus making Taylor Swift “famous”, Kanye West has never run out of ways to entertain (read shock) us. He has walked out of an award show after not winning an award, has had innumerable controversial moments on social media and has had several well-documented fallout with other artists.

He is boisterous, outspoken, brazen, very controversial net worth figures and overall a crazy genius. His illustrious career has had many ups, several downs but has always been relevant. He broke out on the music scene in the mid ‘90s, beginning as a producer, crafting a sound that was uniquely Kanye and later growing into the rapper we know today. He was first listed in production credits of an album when he was only nineteen – at that age, most of us are throwing our guts up after rocker-style partying. He then proceeded to be a ghost producer for Deric “D-Dot” Angelettie. Since his ghostproducing “hustler” days, Kanye has managed to be one of be one of the richest and most successful artists of this century.

His braggadocios lyrics on many of his records aren’t empty boasts; the rapper has amassed millions thanks to his music, fashion line and other ventures. Here is a break down to Kanye west life that will make you understand how he came to build millions net worth valued fortune.

Kanye West Net Worth

Kanye West Biography

On June 8, 1977, Kanye West bequeathed the world with the gift of himself. Born to Donda C. West and Ray West who later divorced, Kanye was raised in a middle-class background. His father is a former member of the Black Nationalist organization, Black Panther and was a pioneer black photojournalist. His mother moved them to Chicago after her split with her husband, where Kanye grew up and later attended high school. When he was just 10, Donda West moved him to China, where she was teaching and Kanye was the only foreigner in his class. His mother recalled that he picked up Chinese rather quickly though he later forgot most of it. In high school, Kanye West’s aptitude for learning was further proven, getting As and Bs. As early as five years old, Kanye showed an aptitude for the arts, writing poetry, drawing and rapping which was noticed in the third grade. His upbringing in Chicago entrenched him in the hip hop scene. He actually began composing music in the seventh grade, music which he eventually sold to other artists. At 13, Kanye started paying to record in a crude studio, payment that his mother supported. He eventually met DJ No I.D. who became his mentor and taught him how to sample and program beats. After high school, Kanye started studying English but later dropped out to do music full time. His mother who is a professor at that university he dropped out off was disapproving of the decision but later praised his decision.

Personal Life

Kanye’s personal life has been an open secret. In 2002, he began a relationship with Alexis Phifer. The tempestuous relationship led to an engagement in 2006, which after two years was ended. After the engagement, he began seeing Amber Rose till 201 when they broke up. In 2012, he started Kim Kardashian who he later married in 2014 at a lush ceremony attended by prominent personalities. The two have two children, North and Saint West. Their marriage and lives have been subjected to scrutiny owing to the fact that they are both celebrities.


Kanye West started out as a producer. His instrumental capabilities are often not as widely celebrated as his skills on the mic but Kanye actually plays the keyboard, piano, synthesizer, sampler and drum machine. As earlier stated he began working as a ghost producer and because of this, he was unable to create his solo album. Because of this, he formed and was a member of rap group, Go-Getters. The group released only one album in 1999. Most of the ‘90s for Kanye were spent producing for prominent artists and making hits for them. An example of a hit record that he created was the third song on Foxy Brown’s album, Chyna Doll. The album was the first hip-hop record to make its appearance at the top of the Billboard 200 in its first week. Kanye remained very much the unsung hero until 2000, when he started producing for artists on the Roc-A-Fella label. He received recognition for his production work in Jay Z’s 2001 The Blueprint, which is considered one of hip-hop’s greatest albums. The success of The Blueprint generated plenty of interest in him as a producer. He produced records for other artists such as Cam’ron, Freeway and crafted songs for Janet Jackson, Ludacris and Alicia Keys.

Despite the recognition and success, he was receiving, his main ambition was to be a rapper. However, his production work proved to be a challenge as many labels saw him as a producer first. Eventually, he was reluctantly signed to Roc-A-Fella. On October 2002, West was involved in a near-fatal car crash, which inspired his debut album, The College Dropout. The album was released on February 2004 to widespread critical acclaim. The album had several chart-topping singles, was certified triple platinum, and earned 10 Grammy nominations, winning one. Kanye West formed a label called G.O.O.D Music at this time and continued producing for other artists. His sophomore album, Late Registration was also a huge success, followed by top-selling, Graduation. Graduation had songs like Stronger which was a number one hit and is accredited to encouraging the incorporation of house and electronic music in hip-hop.

To know Kanye West is to know his love for his mother and when she died in 2007, and when his engagement to Alexis Phifer ended, 808s & Heartbreak was a portrait of how those events affected him musically. The album was praised for its unconventional production style. In 2005, he released My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy which was received with wide acclaim from critics. The album is widely regarded as his best work. In addition to this album, he did a collaborative album called Watch the Throne and later Yeezus. In 2016, his new and latest album Life of Pablo was released to positive reviews from critics. The album earned him a Grammy nomination for Best Rap Album and two of his songs were nominated for two Grammys.

How much is net worth of Kanye West

His materialistic stance in some of his songs isn’t fiction, it is his reality. With a net worth of $145 million, Kanye certainly has a reason to boast. And boast he does. His money comes from his music, with his albums selling millions of copies and his ventures in fashion. His own clothing line and partnerships with shoe giants, Nike and Adidas have earned him millions. The original endorsement deal with Nike, for example was valued at $10 million. Adidas also gave him a contract of $10 million. To add to their pockets, he and his wife began a clothing line for kids. He is also reportedly working on a jewelry line. Although Kanye net worth is not as much as it used to be back in 2014 where he would appear in the list of top 20 wealthiest celebrities he is still among the rich celebrities out there.

The legend that is Kanye West continues to inspire and motivate aspiring artists with his artistry. He is one of the most acclaimed artists of all time and one of the richest rapper as per figures in his net worth. As a matter of fact, with his total of 21 Grammys, Kanye is one of the most awarded artists of all time. He is also in the club of artists who have the most Grammy nominations for their work with his 68 nominations. He is also among the five acts that have received three consecutive Grammy nominations for Album of The Year, alongside Frank Sinatra, Barbra Streisand, The Beatles and Lady Gaga. As Chris Brown stated the man might be crazy and controversial, but he is definitely one of the greatest talents this world has seen.