Suge Knight Net Worth

Suge Knight is an American music executive a record producer who once played at the National Football League as a defensive end. The co-founder and the former CEO of Death Row Records who signed people like Snoop Dogg, Tupac Shakur, DR. Dre among several other. After several years of success Suge Knight was incarcerated and Death Row Records went bankrupt in 2006.

His problems dint end there and in 2015 he was charged with murder and attempted murder and still the case is ongoing to date. Now that misfortune has followed his path let’s get to find why Suge Knight net worth is on the downward speed lane and a few things you probably don’t know about Suge Knight.

Suge Knight Biography

Marion Hugh Knight Jr. who was born in 1965 in the state of California is the son of Marion Knight Sr. and Maxine. He went to school at Lynwood High School and graduated in 1983 then joined El Camino College till 1985 before transferring to University of Nevada Las Vegas. When he was in high school he used to play football a skill he carried on to college. At college he was so good at football and when he joined University of Nevada he played for Los Angeles Rams as a replacement in the 1987 NFL players strike.

Suge Knight Net Worth

After NFL Knight started off his career with jobs such as being a bodyguard and a concert promoter for celebrities. in 1991 Suge co-founded Death Row Records with Dre and D.O.C . during his time with Death Row Records he succeeded in making The Chronic debut album by Dre to reach Triple Platinum and also made career for artists such as Snoop Dogg whose debut album Doggystyle achieved Quadruple Platinum.

Other music artists that Suge worked with are Tupac Shakur, M.C Hammer’s, Tha Dogg Pound and Outlawz. When Knight left Death Row Records to form Aftermath Entertainment and Tupac and Notorious B.I.G died its said they were killed by knight who was on revenge mission. Death Row Records went to bankruptcy in 2006 and was auctioned to Global Music Group though its catalogue went with Wideawake Entertainment.

Currently Suge has been facing legal troubles such as domestic violence, auto theft, attempted murder, drugs and aggravated assault charges, robbery and most recent court battles that are ongoing are murder and threatening death charges.

On Awards & Achievements: There is no known award that Suge Knight has received so far but let’s give credit where it deserves since he promoted careers of world music stars such as Snoop Doggy, Dre, Tupac and several others.

How much is net worth of Suge Knight

Suge Knight net worth currently stands at $250,000. You might be wondering the CEO of Death Row Records with such a small net worth value? Yes, because Knight has faced a lot of legal problems and even financial issues to a point where Death Row Records was auctioned. Its reported his net worth figures further hit a hard rock when IRS revealed that Knight owed them $6 million in back taxes and its said as of today Knight debts totals around $100 million.

5 Facts You Need To Know About Suge Knight

Two decades ago under the leadership of Suge Knight the legendary Death Row Records rose to prominence however it fell from grace as a result of incarceration on parole violation charges by knights. Many people today refer Suge knight as the hip-hop Boogie Man but what other facts don’t you know about Suge Knight.

1. Suge Knight used to be a football player. He was even awarded with a football scholarship to join university Nevada.

2. His problem with the law enforcement agencies started way back in the 1980s.

3. He was once a bodyguard when football dint turns out so well for him. He used to be a bodyguard for Bobby Brown.

4. He once owned a club in Las Vegas called Club 662 and it was not just a normal walk in club but it was on appointment only and very questionable business ventures took place.

5. Knight was shot 6 times back in 2014 and its obvious he was the target.

Suge Knight net worth fortune clearly shows that crime doesn’t really workout for you in the end. Knight was once a rich man but today he has nothing and misfortunes are still following him to date.