Chris Rock Net Worth

Chris Rock is one of the greatest stand-up comedians in the world and he also possess other skills such as directing, producing, and screen writing skills. He rose to fame in the 1990, s when he was a cast member at the famous Saturday Night Live show and more prominence came knocking as he starred in several films such as Madagascar Film Series 2005 2012 and Grown Ups 2010/13 among others.

Today he is the 5th greatest stand-up comedian as listed by Comedy Central and he appears at the ninth position on Channel 4’s list of top 100 greatest stand ups. With an experience of more than 20 years one can wonder what’s Chris Rock net worth value as of 2018? Well here is more about his net worth fortune and how he acquired it.

Chris Rock Biography

Christopher Julius Rock III who goes today by stage name Chris Rock is the son of Christopher Julius Rock II and Rosalie Tingman who worked as a driver and a teacher respectively. He was born in 1965 in Andrews, South Carolina where he was brought up. Chris attended James Madison high school where he used to be intimidated due to racism since he was a black. He later dropped out of school and pursued other jobs including working at a cafeteria. In 1996 Chris wedded, Malaak Compton-Rock and together they have two children, Lola Simone (b.2002) and Zahra Savannah (b.2004). The two divorced in 2016.

Chris Rock Net Worth

Chris started his career in comedy in 1984 where he appeared in various TV shows like ‘Catch a Rising Star’ and ‘Miami Voice’ which made him rise to prominence. He also debuted in ‘I’m Gonna Git You Sucka’ and ‘Beverly Hills Cop II’ films. Chris breakthrough came in 1990 as a result of ‘Saturday Night Live’ a show which he featured as a role member. After being discharged from the show, he joined a short program, ‘In Living Colour’ and later did a CB4 comic show. He also gained acclamation after performing in Big Ass Jokes (1994) and Bring the Pain (1996) which made him acquire an Emmy Award. Since then his fame continued with him appearing in other dozens of shows such as the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards, Never Scared 2004, Kill the Messenger 2008, Real Husbands of Hollywood 2013, 88th Academy Awards among others.

Due to his success in comedy, Chris became famous and got opportunities to be featured in various films. As an actor, Chris Rock has been starred in several films such as Bee Movie 2007, Good Hair 2009, Top Five 2014, his recent ones being Sandy Waxier 2017 and The Week of 2018.

He is also a musician and has released albums like Born Suspect 1991, Roll With The New 1997, Bigger & Blacker 1999, and Never Scared 2005. As a composer Chris has produced several TV programs including the 2005 Everybody Hates Chris which was selected as The Best TV Series by Golden Globe.

Awards & Achievements: For his works in films, music and comedy Chris Rock has been accolade with many awards totaling to 8 and received 11 nominations. Some of these awards are 3 Grammy Awards, 2 Teen Choice Awards and a Black Reel Award.

How much is net worth of Chris Rock

Chris Rock net worth is at $115 million as of writing. His net worth figures have been largely boosted by his roles in films either acting, directing or producing. Through his various projects he also grossed over $57 million annually. Another of Chris Rock net worth booster is endorsement deals where he earns fat check from companies such as NETFLIX. Don’t forget that he also earns from the few songs which he has released.

5 Facts You Need To Know About Chris Rock

Back in the 1990’s Chris Rock name became a household name and to date he’s still at the top of his game. However apart from being a great actor, a funny comedian what else do you know about him? Well here is five things you probably don’t know about comedian/actor Chris Rock.

1. His parents were very hard working as they were both working on two jobs. The father used to be a newspaper delivery man and a truck driver while the mother was a social worker and a school teacher.

2. Do you know he Left SNL or rather Saturday Night Live for In Living Color television series?

3. His great great grandfather was a slave for 21 years and he even fought in the civil war. His name was Julius Caesar.

4. His greatest mentor is the influential comedian Eddie Murphy.

5. He is the grandson of a preacher Allen Rock.

Chris Rock is undeniably one of the best comedians and actors who are doing really great in the entertainment industry. With many years of experience, the legend is not showing any signs of slowing down therefore we should expect more from him in 2018 even an increase in Chris Rock net worth fortune.