Michael Bloomberg Net Worth

Michael Bloomberg is not a new name to us he recently declined to ran as a third-party candidate in the just concluded 2016 United States presidential election. Apart from being a politician he is a philanthropist and a businessman whose net worth status of that of a billionaire. on numerous times he has been making appearances on the top 10 richest persons in the world list and as of today he is the 10th richest person in the world and also the 7th richest in America. Bloomberg net worth has been as a result of his company Bloomberg L.P which deals with software’s, global financial services and mass media among other businesses. With a billionaire status let’s get to find out the actual Michael Bloomberg net worth in 2018 and also highlight a few things or facts you probably don’t know about billionaire Michael Bloomberg.

Michael Bloomberg Biography

Michael Bloomberg is the son of William Henry Bloomberg and Charlotte Bloomberg. He was born in 1942 in Boston where he grew up in a Jewish family. Bloomberg went for his studies at Johns Hopkins University where he graduated with a degree in B.S in Electrical Engineering then furthered his education with a master of Business Administration from Harvard Business School.

Michael Bloomberg Net Worth

Bloomberg was a husband to Susan Elizabeth Barbara Brown before they divorced in 1993. Susan and Bloomberg had two daughters Georgina and Emma. He is also a licensed commercial pilot and resides in Bermuda.


Bloomberg started off by partnering with Solomon Brothers investment bank which was later sold to Phibro Corporation and he got his $10 million. with the money Bloomberg opened Innovative Market Systems and later after partnering with Merrill Lynch the company was renamed Bloomberg L.P in 1987. Today the company deals with products such as mass media, Bloomberg Terminal, Computer software, financial services, among other services. Bloomberg became the CEO of the company till 2015 where he left to pursue his political ambitions.

In 2001 Bloomberg became the mayor of New York under a Republican Ticket until 2005 when there was another election where he was re-elected a mayor. His third term bid really generated a lot of controversy since a mayor was just allowed two terms in office but the City Council voted 29-22 in favor of his extension. He ran for the third term regardless and won and in 2014 de Blasio became New York City Mayor replacing him.

In 2008 Michael Bloomberg was widely speculated that he will run for the highest office in land that’s the president seat but he dint. Other seats where rumors have emerged that Bloomberg might be involved in are New York Governor, 2016 elections there were rumors that he was considering a presidential run under an independent umbrella although he didn’t. in 2016 elections Bloomberg endorsed Hillary Clinton the Democrat candidate.

On Awards and Achievements: Received by Michael Bloomberg he has been awarded with an honorary degree in Public service from Tufts University, awarded with honorary degree of Doctor of Humane Letters, from Bard College and Fordham University. He has also won Gotham Awards, received Healthy Communities Leadership Award, and named one of the most influential people in the world today.

How much is net worth of Michael Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg net worth stands at $50.8 billion. He is the seventh richest person in the U.S and also makes an appearance on the top 10 richest people in the world. The source of Michael Bloomberg net worth is his political career where he served as a mayor for New York for 12 years. Another source of Michael Bloomberg is his sales under his Umbrella company Bloomberg L.P which deals on software making, financial software tools, Bloomberg Terminal, Bloomberg News, Bloomberg Television, WBBR Radio station, digital websites and magazines. its reported that the company has an annual revenue of more than $10 billion.

6 Facts You Need To Know About Michael Bloomberg

The name of the former mayor of New York is probably not so new to us and perhaps you have heard it in the news channel, on the list of the world richest or just on politics considering he was thought to run for the top seat of the president of United States but he didn’t. here are some interesting facts about Michael Bloomberg you probably don’t know.

1. He usually celebrates Valentine’s Day because that’s when he was born it’s his birthday.

2. When he was in college he used to work as a parking lot attendant so that he could pay his rent.

3. When he was a mayor his salary was $1 only a year.

4. As the mayor New York became the first city in America to force restaurants comply with implementing calorie counts on menus, and ban trans fats.

5. He has been Knighted by Queen Elizabeth.

6. He owns 10 residences some located in Colorado, Bermuda, London, Manhattan and other places.

Michael Bloomberg net worth has always been a subject of discussion considering he is a billionaire and among the top 10 richest people in the world. Let’s hold tight and see if he is interested with the presidency.