Drake Bell Net Worth

Drake Bell Net Worth

Drake Bell is a gifted man skillfully as he is a comedian, musician, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, actor and a voice actor. He rose to fame when he starred in The Amanda Show and Drake & Josh which were aired in the Nickelodeon back in the 1990, s and 2000s. in spite of Bells lucrative jobs he filed for bankruptcy back in 2014 for a -$600k and as of 2018 one must wonder what’s Drake Bell net worth? In addition, I have compiled for you a few interesting things probably you don’t know about Drake Bell.

Drake Bell Biography

Jared Drake Bell is the name given to him during his birth in 1986 in the state of California by his parents Robin Dodson who used to play professional billiards player and Joe Bell. He is the youngest among his other three brothers and a sister. Currently Bell lives inlos Feliz where he bought his $2 million worth of a house.

At the age of five that’s when Bell started acting and with the help of his father. He did his first commercial for Whirlpool Appliances and also made his debut in a television through Home Improvement episode in 1994.between 1994 and 2003 Bell appeared in a number of shows among and films among them is Drifting School 1995, The Neon Bible 1995, Jerry Maguire 1996, Dill Scallion 1999, High Fidelity 2000, perfect Game 2000, ABC Afterschool Special 1996, Gun 1997, Seinfeld 1998, The Amanda Show among others.

What propelled him to international prominence is Nickelodeon Series Drake and Josh where he starred alongside his real life best friend Josh Peck. He even wrote and sung the theme song of Drake and Josh which was released in 2005.Drake & Josh run from 2004 and ended in 2007 but in between he appeared All That show and Zoey 101 as well. Bells to date has been featured in dozens of films and has appeared in many television shows and some of his latest films and television works are L.A. Slasher 2015, Arlo: The Burping Pig 2016, The Blind Girl 2017, A Stork’s Journey 2017, American Satan 2017 and most recent one Cover Versions 2018. On television shows his most recent ones are Cupcake Wars 2016, Ben 10 2017, Home and Family 2017, Seaword 2017, and Highly Gifted 2017.

Apart from films and television shows Bells is also a musician and to date he has released three studio albums. Telegraph was his debut album and was released in 2005. His second was titled It’s Only Time and was released in 2006 while his third titled Ready Steady Go! Released in 2014. In 2017 he released an EP titled Honest.

On Awards and achievements: Bell has won with 10 Kids Choice Awards, 1 Young Artist Award, 1 Teen Choice Award, 1 ASCAP Award, and in addition has been nominated in other numerous awards.

How much is net worth of Drake Bell

Drake Bell net worth is $2.7 million and it’s a huge improvement from a few years back where his negative value was at $ (-) negative 600,000 . The major reason why Drake Bell net worth value read a negative figure is because back in 2014 he filed for bankruptcy where he claimed he is in debt of $600,000 and he was unable to pay. Drake Bell net worth figures have been as a result of his numerous participation in films and television shows which has really boosted his net worth fortune.

8 Facts You Need To Know About Drake Bell

Drake has run a very successful career in acting and he continues day in day out rising in the Hollywood scene. Many people who used to watch them in the year 2004-2007 you would agree with me that they were perfect together. However even though you have watched Drake for a long time it doesn’t mean you totally know him and hence I present to you eight you probably don’t know about Drake Bell.

1. Before Drake and Josh show the two had run into each other in the Amanda Show.

2. Drake dint receive an invitation to Josh Peck wedding. funny because one could assume they were the best brothers anyway.

3. He loves BBQ on his off days.

4. He loves early morning jogging.

5. Even to date despite the age he still loves watching cartoon.

6. Talk about music he is a big fun of Brazilian Music.

7. His most favorite holiday is Christmas.

8. His favorite film is Bridesmaids and favorite Marvel Character Spider Man.

Drake Bell net worth in 2018 has really shown some positive improvement and if the trend continues we can predict in 2019 he might have doubled the figure.