Denzel Washington Net Worth

How much worth does Denzel Washington have in 2018? Denzel Washington the second African American actor to ever win an Oscar award in the category of Best actor is a producer, scriptwriter, director and an actor. He is among the best actors in Hollywood and has been among the most bankable actors of our generation.

He has been featured in blockbuster films such as Training Day 2001, Out of Time 2003, American Gangster 2007, Unstoppable 2010, 2 Guns 2013, The Equalizer 2014, The Magnificent Seven 2016 among others. Currently the star takes home around $60 million at the end of the year. Now that you have an idea of who Denzel Washington is let’s get to look at the biography and how one of the top 10 most affluent African American actors amassed his net worth fortune.

Denzel Washington Biography

Born Denzel Hayes Washington Jr. in 1954 to an ordained Pentecostal minister Denzel Hayes Washington, Sr. and a beauty parlor owner Lennis he hails from New York. Washington went to Pennington -Grimes Elementary School, then joined Oakland Military Academy before joining Mainland High School. After graduation he joined Fordham University where he graduated with a B.A in Drama and Journalism. Washington has married an actress Pauletta Pearson whom they tied the know in 1983. Together the couple have four children.

Denzel Washington Net Worth

Professional Career

Washington made his screen acting debut in 1977 when he was featured in the film Carbon Copy 1981. the beginning of his success came when he was featured in the NBC drama St. Elsewhere 1982 to 1988 which was a major career break. other early work are roles in films such as A Soldier’s Story 1984, Hard lessons 1986, Power 1986, Cry freedom 1987, The Mighty Quinn 1989, and Glory 1989.

In the 1990s Washington featured in 19 films and some of the films that were commercially successful and won him an award or a nomination were Malcolm X 1992 received a nomination at the Academy Award for Best Actor, The Pelican Brief 1993, Crimson Tide 1995, Courage Under Fire 1996, He Got Game 1998, The Bone Collector 1999 and the Hurricane 1999 which won his a Golden Globe Award.

Since then Denzel Washington has appeared in a number of films either as an actor, director or a producer. some of the blockbuster films which he has been starred on are Remember the Titans 2000, Training Day 2001, Out of Time 2003, Man on Fire 2004, Inside Man 2006, Unstoppable 2010, Safe House 2012, 2 Guns 2013, The Equalizer 2014, The Magnificent Seven 2016, Roman J. Israel, Esq. 2017 among others. His latest upcoming work is The Equalizer 2 which will be released in 2018 and The Iceman Cometh stage work to be released on April 2018.

To date Denzel Washington has won a total of 39 awards and received a total of 92 nominations. Some of the awards he has won are 2 Academy Awards, 3 Golden Globe Awards, 1 Screen Actors Guild Award, 6 Black Reel Awards, 17 NAACP Image Awards among others.

How much is net worth of Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington net worth stands at $290 million as of the date of writing. He has earned his money basically through films either when acting, producing, screenwriting or directing. today Washington takes home around $60 million on annual basis. Other net worth booster income channels are his stage work, television show work which adds up something to his bank account.

6 Facts You Need To Know About Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington whom we can best describe as an icon in Hollywood made his acting debut more than two decades ago and has crafted his way into the industries elite stars. However there more to this two-time Oscar winner than meets the eye. Actually, there are a few things you might want to know other than Denzel Washington net worth. here are 6 facts about this devastatingly handsome actor

1. You do know that Washington is named after his father Denzel who was named after Doctor Denzel the doctor who delivered him. But his name and his father’s name are totally different when we factor in pronunciation as his father’s name has to be stressed of the first syllable ‘DEN-zel while the actors name has to be stressed on the second syllable “den- ZEL”.

2. Denzel Washington is handsome and even the PEOPLE cited him as “Sexiest Man Alive” but did you know his beauty is scientifically proven? Well he was a case study and an example of perfect beauty due to his facial symmetry covered by Newsweek story about the science behind the perception of beauty

3. Washington is the national spokesperson of the Boys and Girls Club of America since 1993. He is what he is today because of the organization.

4. Everyone regrets something in his lifetime and one major acting regret of Washington is dismissing a lead role om detective thriller “Se7en” which Brad Pitt happily took it.

5. He was handed a word prophecy inform of a piece of paper written that he would grow up to speak to millions. This all went down when he was at his mother’s beauty parlor when a woman known by many as a prophetess gave him the paper on his powerful future.

6. Did you know that Washington is the first black actor to be awarded with two Oscars and the second to win an Academy Award? He won with the films Training Day and Glory.

Denzel Washington belongs to a class of actors who are categorized as legends and among the highest paid and bankable stars in the Hollywood possibly because of their experience. And since 2018 is here possibly with the release of The Equalizer 2 will boost his net worth lets await and see if he still has the charisma in him.