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  • Nicolas Cage Net Worth 2018



    Nicolas Cage Net Worth 2018

    Ever heard of wonders of the earth? Well, there are also wonders of celebrities. Nicolas Cage net worth was once valued at $150 million, and he even made it to the list of Hollywood’s highest-paid actors, earning $40 million, but Nicolas Cage has squandered the $150 million in a fantastic wildly weird way. Nicolas Cage […] More

  • Kevin Hart Net Worth 2018



    Kevin Hart Net Worth 2018

    Recently crowned as the Cash-King of Comedy by knocking down Jerry Seinfeld to the top spot on the list of highest paid comedians Kevin Hart has made a great wealth out of being a funny man. The funny business made Kevin Hart’s worth to increase in 2018 when earned $87.5 million in 2016 and more […] More

  • Tom Cruise Net Worth 2018-2019

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    Tom Cruise Net Worth 2018

    In 1977 if you would have approached Thomas Cruise Mapother IV who was then 15 years old then and a schoolboy at the Franciscan seminary, and articulated to him that someday in future his name would go down in the books of history as a legendary movie star of all time certainly: Early Life Tom […] More