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  • Lil Pump Net Worth 2018

    Lil Pump Net Worth 2018

    Who would have thought that someone who was expelled from every school would become a millionaire, that too, at the young age of 17?! Well, Lil Pump is an extraordinary example of such an unusual achievement. Lil Pump or Gazzy Garcia is an American rapper, songwriter and record producer. His most famous song, “Gucci Gang,” […] More

  • Kevin Spacey Net Worth 2018

    Kevin Spacey Net Worth 2018

    Kevin Spacey, one of the leading actors in America is a multifaceted personality known for being a successful producer and singer as well. I know, I know the things I just mentioned aren’t something you don’t already know, which is why this article will focus more on the things you don’t know. For instance, not […] More

  • Derek Jeter Net Worth 2018

    Derek Jeter Net Worth 2018

    Have you ever heard of a sports coach/scout resign from his post in vehement protest of an upcoming player’s lost chance to play in a prestigious league? Well, then you must learn about Hal Newhouser, a former baseball player and scout of the baseball team “Houston Astros” who gave up his coaching career because his […] More

  • Ben Shapiro Net Worth 2018

    Ben Shapiro Net Worth 2018

    How many of the journalists today or any other public figure for that matter can claim that they have stood firm for what is right even against the people in power? Not many, right? Well, Ben Shapiro, an American political commentator, columnist, author, lawyer and radio talk show host, who is known less for his […] More

  • Colin Kaepernick Net Worth 2018

    Colin Kaepernick Net Worth 2018

    Colin Kaepernick, an American football quarterback whose name reverberates in the ears of the African-American community, was only known as a quality footballer until he created more out of his stature and raised his voice against the discrimination faced by the people of color in the United States of America. How many of the public […] More

  • Monica Lewinsky Net Worth 2018

    Monica Lewinsky Net Worth 2018

    Monica Lewinsky, the name itself rings a bell, doesn’t it? They say that a lie has no leg, but a scandal has wings. In the case of Monica Lewinsky, this can be proven through and through. The fashion designer turned social activist, and former White House intern didn’t know success until it came her way […] More

  • Grant Cardone Net Worth 2018

    Grant Cardone Net Worth 2018

    What’s Grant Cardone net worth in 2018? Want to be filthy rich before you hit your mid-30s? Then all you need is a job, golden handcuffs, a Ferrari, Lambo or a Rolls Royce (whatever you may prefer), and a deft driver to lead you in the right direction towards success. Don’t believe us? Well, you […] More

  • Roger Federer Net Worth 2018

    Roger Federer Net Worth 2018

    What’s Roger Federer net worth in 2018? 20 Grand Slam singles titles, the No. 1 spot in the ATP rankings for 302 weeks straight, more than six titles at six different tournaments, a street named after him, a Swiss postcard issued in honor, uncountable achievements but just one name, a man of many hats, rings […] More

  • Kathy Griffin Net Worth 2018

    Kathy Griffin Net Worth 2018

    Who can forget the whole severed-head-photo-debacle of the US President, Donald Trump? And who can overlook the feisty red-head holding it up in the photograph? Small in stature but blessed with a big mouth, comedian Kathleen Mary Griffin or Kathy Griffin relishes in dishing celeb dirt. While she’s a lot of things, Kathy’s reputation as […] More

  • Cardi B Net Worth 2018

    Cardi B Net Worth 2018

    What’s Cardi B’s net worth in 2018? Who could have thought being a reckless personality, putting hashtags with your life ambitions or just appearing as you are on Instagram or Facebook can make you a media sensation? Well, that’s what happened with Belacis Almanzar. She became an Internet sensation through her Instagram profile and “no […] More

  • Matt Lauer Net Worth 2018

    Matt Lauer Net Worth 2018

    Who knew that a substitute newsreader would one day become the face of a renowned news channel? Well, this particular tale of success, with its fair share of misuse, is of the NBC’s ‘Today’ host, Matt Lauer. Matt or Matthew Todd Lauer is a former TV news anchor of America. In his professional career as […] More

  • Nicolas Cage Net Worth 2018

    Nicolas Cage Net Worth 2018

    Ever heard of wonders of the earth? Well, there are also wonders of celebrities. Nicolas Cage net worth was once valued at $150 million, and he even made it to the list of Hollywood’s highest-paid actors, earning $40 million, but Nicolas Cage has squandered the $150 million in a fantastic wildly weird way. Nicolas Cage […] More

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