Ted Turner Net Worth 2018

Who is Ted Turner and what is his net worth in 2018? Ted Turner is one of the leading landowners in North America. He is both Philanthropists as well as American Media Mogul. He is the chairman and Executive of Cable News Network, which is the first and foremost cable Television channel across the world. He has gifted one billion dollars to the United Nation to create the United Nations Foundation, which is the sort of Public charity to strengthen the domestic support of United Nations. Moreover, he is the co-founder of the Nuclear Threat Initiative. He is currently working as the chairman of Board of Directors.

Robert Edward Turner was born in Cincinnati Ohio at United States on November 1938. He completed his graduation at Brown University. He is currently staying in Atlanta at Georgia. He married Julia Gale Nye in 1960 and they got separated legally. Then he married Jane Fonda in 1991. They both lived happily until 2001 and also had five children. He was the founder of Nuclear Threat initiative. He owns more than 16 ranches in New Mexico, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Montana and much more.

Ted Turner Net Worth

As soon as he left Brown University, he returned to the south and continued the business of his father. He became the general manager of the Georgia branch, which was run by his father before. With his dedication and hard work, he became the chief executive and president of the Tuner Advertising Company. He took up this highly responsible position when he was just 24 but it turned into a popular global enterprise today.

Tuner started buying some southern radio stations in 1960. He had targeted at buying the big television stations in Atlanta. During that period, all the UHF stations have worked without the support of VHF stations. The VHF is not profitable even in the larger workstation during that period. But this situation is no more when Tuner has modified the call signature to WTCG. The television movie ran the old movies, television plays and cartoon stories during the Initial stage. Later, Turner has purchased the UHF channel and started the telecast of the recent and popular movie in North Carolina.

After some years, WTCG used satellite transmission to telecast the series and movies to local channel and cable Television provider. He bought superstition that broadcast high-quality cartoons, old movies, sports and everything in the world. With the development of cable system, many suppliers had carried his big station to telecast their programs. This is the reason why he gained almost two million subscribers as of now. He discovered the Goodwill game that enables his super-station to broadcast the Olympic style program by using three major networks such as CBS, ABC, and NBC. Apart from his profession, he had good interest in politics and religion.

Ted Tuner has achieved numerous Awards for his hard work, Determination, and persistence. He won the ‘Paul White Award’ for the Radio Television News Association in 1989. In Next year, he got ‘Walter Cronkite Award’ for the role ‘Excellence in Journalism’. On 1991, he gained the precious Award ‘ Television Hall of Fame’. On 1991, he got Audubon Medal from National Audubon people. On 1995, he was one of the World Series Winner. He has gained the ‘Atlanta Braves Award in 1996. He won ‘Peabody Award winner in 1997. Apart from the above precious Award, he gained ‘Emmy Award’ two times for his Life Time Achievement in sports at 2014.

Net Worth of Ted Turner

Ted Turner is the leading personality in numerous areas including Business, politics, Journalism and much more. Initially, he started his career by buying a small television station that runs old movies and television series. Surprisingly, it has turned into a great global enterprise today. He earns his Net worth by strong dedication and countless effort. He is currently holding the Net worth of $2.4 Billion.

Ted Tuner is a great personality and the leading land owner in the world. His aim comes true by his motivation and hard work. He is a great inspiration to the youngsters today. We should learn a lot of good qualities from him.

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