Azealia Banks Net Worth 2018

Who is Azealia Banks and is her net worth in 2018? Azealia Amanda Banks is an American singer, songwriter, actress and rapper. She is professionally known as Azealia Bank. She is one of the successful rappers in the Hollywood. She has been able to earn a good sum from her musical career.

Azealia Banks is a famous American singer, rapper, songwriter and actress who was born on May 31, 1991. She attended LaGuardia High School of Performing Arts in Manhattan. She has adopted an alter-ego named as Yung Rapunxel which is a name she started calling herself due to a long weave she wore while working at Starbucks as a teenager. She has two elder sisters and three of them were raised by her mother after her father’s death.

Azealia Banks Net Worth

Azealia started pursuing music at a very young age. At the age of sixteen, Banks starred in a production of the comedy musical City of Angels. She never finished high school, instead choosing to follow her dream of becoming a recording artist. In her personal life, she has always received attention because of her language which she uses in interviews and on social media sites like Twitter. However, music industry insiders feel that her harsh words are one of the reasons why she is able to sell more albums and gain more fans. Many times, she has also used homophobic words to insult her critics even though she is bisexual and has received backlash from LGBT groups like GLAAD.

From the time she was very young, Azealia was interested in musical theater and singing. At the age of 10, she performed in off-Broadway musicals with TADA! Youth Theater in Lower Manhattan. Banks started writing rap songs and decided to drop out of high school to follow her dreams of becoming a recording artist. In 2008, she made her first debut recording called “Gimme a Chance” and sent the tape to American DJ, Diplo. Later, she was offered to sign a deal with XL Recordings, she used the name Miss Bank$. However, she left the recording company due to conflicting ideas later that year after which she changed her artists name to her real name, Azealia Banks.

Then, she moved to Montreal and released her first single which was titled as 212. This song became a chart topping hit in the Europe. In 2012, she released her first mix tape named as Fantasea and her first studio album in 2014 which was named as Broke with Expensive Taste. Then, her second mix tape called Fantasea II: The Second Wave was released in July. She has worked with several artists such as Kanye West and Scissor Sisters. Collaborations with these famous artists have certainly helped her to grow as an artist. Her latest album, Slay-Z was released in 2016.

Azealia won the best New Artist award in the year 2012 in Billboard Awards and she also named Villain of the Year award in Philip Hall Radar Award for Broke With Expensive Taste in the year 2012. She was also nominated as Best Female Hip Hop Artist in BET Award in the year 2015.

Net Worth of Azealia Banks

Azealia has a huge net worth of $4 million. She has earned it with her talent in various fields. She is a singer, songwriter, actress and rapper. She earns annual income of $352,941 along with which she also gets $78,431 through her endorsements and sponsorship. Other than being one of the best actresses and singers, Banks is also a fashion icon around the world. She has her own clothing line. Some famous songs of Banks includes Slay Z, Broken With Expensive Taste and Peoples Champs. She has also ventured into gaming industry and mobile music.

Azealia Banks is an amazing American Songwriter, rapper, actress and singer. She had a harsh childhood still she is now living a luxurious life all because of her hard work and multiple talents. She has a huge net worth of $4 million and is living a happy and bold life while pursuing her passion.

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