John Legend Net Worth 2018

Who is John Legend and what is his net worth in 2018? Professionally known as John Legend, his real name is John Roger Stephens. He was born on 28 December 1978 at Springfield, Ohio, USA. His father, Ronald Lamar was a worker in a factory and also worked as National Guardsman and mother, Phyllis Elaine was a seamstress. John was one of the four children of his parents. In his early days, the parents decided not to send their children to school and opted for home-schooling for them.

So John too was homeschooled by mother, Phyllis Elaine. While at home, his grandmother who was also very fond of music, taught John to play the piano. Later he joined the choir in the church and start singing carols there. So the music comes to him in the childhood and his inclination towards it keeps on becoming stronger day by day. His brothers, Ronald Stephens II and Vaughn Anthony Stephens encouraged him throughout his struggle while making his music career.

John Legend Net Worth

For a couple of years, John dated gorgeous Christine ‘Chrissy’ Teigen who is a model and was spotted at many exotic places spending leisure time with each other. They first met when John’s video ‘Stereo’ was under making and Chrissey was being cast with John. Later in the year 2013, this amazing couple got married and lived happily ever after. On April 2016 John and Chrissy were blessed with a cute daughter whom they named as Luna Simone.

Education: When john was 12 years old, he was the pupil of North High School from where he graduated. Later he got an offer to attend Harvard university along with a scholarship to some notable colleges. However, he gets into the University of Pennsylvania and studied English literature there. Since his college days, he was interested in doing something in the field of music the result of which lead him to act as president and director of musical groups in his college.

Net Worth of John Legend

John Legend’s total net worth counts for $23 million. With the stardom that he attained with his first ever album ‘Get Lifted’ John has not left any stone turned to prove his talent and worth. Apart from singing, he is one well-established songwriter, actor and musician. The source of his income comes collectively from these different roles he is playing since a long time. He got the first hike with the success of his debut album and later working with different musicians and artists keep on elevating his net worth count. His latest release ‘Darkness and Light’ is doing extremely well and no doubt will increase his worth many times.

The couple has recently moved to their newly decorated mansion that worth $14.1 million. It is situated in Los Angeles Beverly Crest neighbourhood. They welcomed their daughter in this brand new three-storied mansion which is bestowed with five bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a billiard with bar, theater, office, gym, and swimming pool. It occupies about 8520 square foot area and has a big swimming pool in the arena. Nine flat screen television and three fireplaces make the mansion more lavish and copious. With an amazing sauna and soaking tub, their master bedroom encompasses two private and luxurious balconies and a closet room.

Living one lavish life Legend family ha got many vehicles but are mostly spotted on his Chevrolet that worth around $23,705-72,305.

John Legend as Business Model

Apart from working as a musician, singer and songwriter, multi-talented John also works in collaboration with Pepsi for their product ‘Lifewtr’. He endorses this water brand of Pepsi by starring in commercials that get aired on television. He also is on an agreement with Vibe Magazine that caters creativity and art; all at the same time. Along with these, he has also endorsed various other reputed and well-established brands like Gap Jeans, Hint Water, Lexus and Chevrolet Impala. Many commercials that starred John also make use of his music in the advertisements. So it was a win-win situation for both the brand and the star.

Being inclined towards music since childhood, John started singing in a church choir and after graduation, apart from working for Boston Consulting Group; he used to perform in various nightclubs in New York. He has the privilege of getting Grammy Awards for his debut album ‘Get Lifted’ in 2004 that certainly lifted the graph of his career to another level.

The result of which he got many offers for being session musician and songwriter as well. When around three million copies of ‘Get Lifted’ got sold in just a year worldwide it managed to earn a platinum certificate. His album ‘Once Again’ that got released in 2006 again was one big hit and attained the position in top 20 R&B chartbusters. ‘Save Room’ and ‘Heaven’ got a special position in the list.

In his initial days with so much success, he also got to work with artists like Alicia Keys, Twista and Janet Jackson. While getting introduced with Kanye West, the two of them make some of the most remarkable and amazingly superb songs that still holds a place in their fan’s hearts.

After working on ‘Evolver’ as a solo performer, John collaborated with The Roots to give another big hit of the time “Wake Up” in the year 2010.

Later in the year 2013, John came up with ‘Love in the future’ which counts as one prominent accolade in his musical career. The album not only managed to hold the top position in the chart but also become the best-selling single of that time. As estimated, ‘Love in Future’ alone elevated John’s net worth many times and accounts to earn around $800, 00. His latest and seventh studio album that got released at the end of 2016 is also doing extremely well and branching out his name and fame all around the world.

Apart from the studio albums, John also appears every now and then in different commercials and TV shows. Lately, he was in a TV competition Duets as a coach.

John and the awards go simultaneously. With his debut album when he managed to grab three Grammy awards straightaway, it was made sure that this singer has come to break the records. He was nominated for Best New Artist, Best R&B Album, and Best Male R&B Vocal Performance that he gracefully managed to win. Later in the year 2007 again John got the privilege to get awarded for Heaven for the category of Best Male R&B Vocal Performance. Continuing his trend again in the year 2009 and 2011 he won the same award for ‘Stay with Me’ and ‘Hang on in There’ respectively. So his total count goes to ten Grammy awards which are extraordinary in his career of about 15 years in music industry. Apart from Grammys he also won a few more awards as listed:

• Two Billboard Music Awards
• Two BET Awards
• five Soul Train Music Awards
• Two NAACP Awards.

John is noted for his humanitarian services very well. His work of charity and assistance to different projects are not hidden from anyone. His first donation was in the school where he graduated salutatorian the Springfield City School District in 1996. He gave a big amount of $5000, 000 to their arts program. The school renovated its auditorium and named it after him only. He used to perform his charity concerts in the auditorium.

He is also an active member in the humanitarian projects that run in African and Asian countries. He is also a board member for the Education Equality Project that works for providing the education to all the children and fulfill their requirements. Another project that is being supported by John is ‘Stand for Children’. His services for the human kind lead to him to get awarded BET Humanitarian Award in 2010.

John Legend, being one successful musician of today’s era has proved his worth in every field and in every phase of his life. He has shown his soft part by contributing quite well to different charities and donations. He is one family oriented person that apart from being one doting husband is also proving the best to be one good father to his daughter. With the coming time, it would be fun to watch what John has in store for his fans.

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