Kevin Spacey Net Worth 2018

Kevin Spacey, one of the leading actors in America is a multifaceted personality known for being a successful producer and singer as well. I know, I know the things I just mentioned aren’t something you don’t already know, which is why this article will focus more on the things you don’t know. For instance, not many of you would be aware of the fact that this 58-year-old star received the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (KBE) in 2016!

Known for his supporting character in ‘The Usual Suspects’ (a 1995 crime thriller) and his lead role in ‘American Beauty’ (a crisis themed drama released in 1999), Kevin Spacey, up till 2017, could have been safely labelled as one of the most bankable Hollywood stars. Why only till 2017, you ask? Well, we have brought to you everything worth knowing about this millionaire actor including his net worth in 2018 and of course his life altering secret that was revealed to the public in 2017! So read on further to get a glimpse of the life of Kevin Spacey and everything related to him.

Biography & Wiki

Kevin Spacey Net Worth 2018

Kevin, whose full name actually is Kevin Spacey Fowler, was born on the 26th of July in South Orange, New Jersey. His mother, Kathleen Ann worked as a secretary whereas his father, Thomas Geoffrey Fowler was a tech writer and a data consultant. Kevin has two siblings, an older brother named Randy Fowler and a sister named Julie Ann Fowler Keir. When Kevin was around four years old, his family moved to Southern California. It was revealed by his now distant brother, Randy that their father was a physically abusive person and Kevin had to avoid him to protect himself from his beatings. When little Kevin grew up, he went to attend the Canoga Park High School for his 10th and 11th. He completed his school education from the Chatsworth High School in 1977 when he served as the co-valedictorian of his class. After many unsuccessful attempts at becoming a comedian, Kevin joined the Juilliard School in NYC, where he studied drama from 1979 to 1981. He still occasionally tried his hand at stand-up comedy, his passion for life.

Personal Life

Kevin Spacey has been associated with Dianne Dreyer, a script supervisor who he was secretly dating in the 90s and even brought to the Academy Awards in 2000. Although the rumor about them soon vanished, he wasn’t seen with anyone else for a long time even when he turned 40. In October 2017, after it was alleged by numerous people (the first one being Anthony Rapp) that Kevin had assaulted them sexually in the past in various ways, he came out as gay. Kevin, in his revelation, stated that he had had relationships with both men and women over the years and that he would like to apologize for his behavior. He was criticized for connecting his sexuality with his wrongdoings by many. Soon, he was dropped out of many movies as well as series and even his managing agency severed all ties with him. He later confessed that he would seek treatment for his behavior in the past.

Professional Career

Kevin Spacey firstly appeared as a professional actor in ‘Henry VI, Part 1’ in the 1981 New York Shakespeare Festival, as a spear carrier. His first Broadway appearance took place a year later in Henrik Ibsen’s ‘Ghosts’ in which he portrayed Oswald. His stage career crossed a major milestone in 1986 after he was chosen to act in Eugene O’Neill’s ‘Long Day’s Journey into Night’ in which he worked opposite Jack Lemmon, who proved to be a personal mentor to him. The first major television breakthrough he had was when he appeared in the second season of the famous show, ‘Crime Story’. Even after being greatly involved in film and television projects, he still kept active in his theatrical pursuits.

His successive roles in ‘The Ref’ (1994), ‘Swimming with Sharks’ (1994) and ‘Glengarry Glen Ross’ (1992) gained him quite a positive response from the masses as well as the critics. Soon he was being signed up for roles, like the notorious Verbal Klint for the 1995 crime thriller ‘The Usual Suspects’.

In 1999, Kevin achieved his own star with his name on it at the Hollywood Walk of Fame! After the continuous delivery of criminal characters, he started appearing as sometimes emotionally and sometimes physically abused and traumatized being, as in ‘Pay it Forward’ (2000), ‘K-Pax’ (2001), and ‘Beyond the Sea’ (2004). Kevin even played Lex Luthor, Superman’s archenemy, in ‘Superman Returns’. Over a decade, he worked in numerous successful movies including ‘Horrible Bosses’ (2011), ‘Captain Phillips’ (2013) and ‘Nine Lives’ (2016). He was announced as a cast member of the Netflix series, ‘House of Cards’ on 18th March 2011 in which he was finalized to act as Frank Underwood. Though, he was later removed from the show due to his controversial involvement in sexual assault charges.

On Awards & Achievement: Kevin Spacey has received over 2 Academy Awards, 3 Screen Actors Guild Awards, a BAFTA, a Golden Globe and a Tony Award and many more. He has been acknowledged by many respectable societies as well as institutions. Though, his best achievement till date regarding awards would be the honor of Most Excellent Order of British Empire that he received from the state.

Salary, Net Worth & Earnings

The total estimated net worth of Kevin Spacey stands at $120 million. Though, he suffered a significant regression in his fortune after he was alleged for sexual abuse. His worth came down a tremendous $250 million after the incident since he was rebuked by many and various directors and producers dropped him out of their projects.

Although fallen on hard times, Kevin Spacey’s inherent acting prowess is something no one can take away from him.


Kevin Spacey, before he fell into a pit of controversy, was enumerated amongst the world’s most versatile actors, thanks to his ability to get under the skin of any given character. Much like other celebrities, Kevin too possesses some hidden talents and has interesting anecdotes from his childhood that you probably won’t know, which is why we have compiled 5 interesting facts about the talented actor that will make you look at him in a new light!

1. His middle name ‘Spacey’ is also the maiden name of his paternal grandmother.

2. He is well known for his impressions and mimicry. Some of the celebrities whom he can impersonate are Al Pacino, Jack Lemmon, James Stewart, Katharine Hepburn, Johnny Carson, etc.

3. Kevin burnt down his sister’s tree house when he was younger due to which he was sent to a military school by his parents.

4. He wanted to become a standup comedian before he pursued his talent in acting.

5. He is the patron of a charity named ‘Shakespeare Schools Festival’ which helps interested school children in performing Shakespeare plays in professional theaters across the UK.

Kevin Spacey, even though stuck in quite a few controversies, for the time being, has devoted a lot of time and talent to the acting industry and has flourished as a successful actor over the years. His unique ability to decipher all kinds of characters make him stand apart from all the other celebrities.

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