LaVar Ball Net Worth 2018

Remember that funny Gore/Bush episode? How they weren’t sure who won the elections and had to settle it in the courts? What you probably don’t know is that the face of “Big Baller Brand” LaVar Ball was the winner, but dropped the offer to become the first black president!

Lavar Ball or LaVar Christopher Ball is a successful American businessman, a former basketball and football player and a well talked about media personality. He is the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of the sports accessories company, “Big Baller Brand.” He is also the founder of the men’s professional basketball league “Junior Basketball Association. Want to know why LaVar Ball gave up his golden chance at the presidency? Want to know how he made it big even after letting go of that opportunity? Let’s dive deeper into LaVar Ball’s life and his net worth in 2018.

Biography & Wiki

LaVar Ball Net Worth 2018

Lavar Ball was born on 23 October 1967 in the South Los Angeles city of California, United States. He went to Canoga Park High School in Los Angeles and played there as a quarterback football player and a forward basketball player. Later, he attended college and graduated in “Criminal Justice” in the hope of being a U.S. Marshal. While at college, he was part of the “Washington State Cougars” men’s basketball team and played in the 1987-1988 season.

Personal Life:

Lavar is married to an American former college basketball player Tina. The couple is blessed to have three sons: Lonzo, LiAngelo, and LaMelo. All these three boys are professional basketball players. Lavar is one among the five sons of his parents. His other four brothers are LaShon, LaRenzo, LaValle, and LaFrance. On 31 August 2017, a reality TV show featuring all the members of Lavar family was aired on Facebook.

Professional Career

Just after Lavar ended his college basketball career, he was invited by “Long Beach City College” to play football. On 1 May 1994, Lavar agreed to play for an American football team “New York Jets” in the National Football League. In 1995, another football team called “London Monarchs” loaned him from Jets to play in the “World League of American Football”.

After an injury in November 1995, his football career came to an end. Lavar came to media attention in 2016 when all his three sons started doing well in their basketball professions. In 2017, when his son LiAngelo with other UCLA players were arrested in China in an alleged stealing case, there were allegations on Lavar that due to his request to the US president Donald Trump, the players were acquitted from the case. Trump also tried to take credit of the acquittal by tweeting and asking for thanks from the players. But soon ESPN news published that the charges against the players were dropped five days before Trump involved into the case.

Later, when Lavar also refused the allegation that Trump helped the players, Trump lashed out at him tweeting “very ungrateful, should have left them in jail”. In 2016, Lavar founded the sports accessories company “Big Baller Brand” and currently works as the CEO of the company. On 20 December 2017, he declared that through his sports company’s funding, he will be setting up Junior Basketball Association (JBA). JBA is a men’s professional basketball league mainly for the high school students. As Lavar didn’t spend much time in his professional sports, there’s no official award in his name.

Salary, Net Worth & Earnings

The total estimated net worth of Lavar Ball is $5 million to date. He has earned this wealth mainly from his business in the sports field. However, the wealth also comprises of his earnings as a professional football player. As his company is still in full swing, this net worth is expected to further increase in the coming days.

Some Interesting Facts you need to know about Lavar Ball:

LaVar Ball is the proud father of passer extraordinaire Lonzo Ball, along with his younger brothers LiAngelo and LaMelo. According to LaVar, he’s smarter than Charles Barkley, would have killed Michael Jordan in a game of 1-on-1, and will secure the first billion-dollar shoe contract in a package deal for all three of his sons. Modest may not be the word to describe this man, but he certainly has some intriguing facts about himself. Let’s find out!

• While at his school, Lavar scored a total of 316 rebounds just in one season and broke the school record.

• In 2017, his former football teammate from “London Monarchs”: Kenny McEntyre told that Lavar was garbage to the team.

• On 7 November 2017, one of his sons: LiAngelo Ball was arrested in China for stealing sunglasses from a mall.

• In November 2017, Lavar criticized his eldest son’s coach Luke Walton, saying that the pieces of training given by him were not in a good way.

• On 15 February 2018, he competed against his son Lonzo in an American musical reality competition television series “Lip Sync Battle” and won the competition.

Lavar Ball is a person with multifield experience. He wished to be a US Marshall and so graduated in “Criminal Justice” but ended up being a sports player. He began his career by playing basketball, and after college, he turned up towards football. After retirement from professional sports, he opened up his business of sports accessories which currently is well blooming. He still tries to expand his business and so has invested in the “Junior Basketball Association” league.

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