Matt Lauer Net Worth 2018

Who knew that a substitute newsreader would one day become the face of a renowned news channel? Well, this particular tale of success, with its fair share of misuse, is of the NBC’s ‘Today’ host, Matt Lauer. Matt or Matthew Todd Lauer is a former TV news anchor of America. In his professional career as a journalist, he had hosted many important news shows like “Today,” “Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade” and “Dateline” at NBC channel, before he was fired.

Want to know what made NBC News give up their chief anchor? Want to know how Matt Lauer’s perfect life was turned upside down by a colleague? Let’s probe into Matt Lauer’s life, net worth, and see for ourselves how his fate changed unimaginably in a single day amidst all the controversies.

Biography & Wiki

Matt Lauer Net Worth 2018

Matt Lauer was born on 30 December 1957 in the New York City of United States. He attended “Scripps College of Communication” and “School of Media Arts and Studies” for his primary education. In 1997 at the age of 39 years, he graduated from “Ohio University” of Athens, US. In 1979 after he dropped out of the “School of Media Arts and Studies,” he began his TV career.

Personal Life:

Matt’s father name was Jay Robert Lauer, and he was a bicycle-company executive. His mother: Marilyn Lauer was a boutique owner. His parents divorced when he was quite young. His father was Jewish, but his mother was not, so he was not given any spiritual knowledge which he regrets now. In 1982, Matt married to a TV producer Nancy Alspaugh but the marriage didn’t last long, and after seven years, the couple got divorced. In July 1997, he met a Dutch model named Annette Roque on a blind date. After dating her for five months, Matt proposed to her and was delighted to get a positive response from her. Finally, on 3 October 1998, the couple got married. The couple is blessed to have three children named Jack, Romy, and Thijs.

Professional Career:

In 1979, Matt began his TV career working as a producer at the “WOWK TV” of West Virginia. After a year, he was promoted to be an on-air news reporter. After achieving this post, he started moving across the country, gathering different informations and then airing them on his TV shows. In 1986, he co-hosted the show “Made In New York” at the “WNYW” channel. In 1980, he worked for “ESPN” channel while in 1988, he joined “WNEV-TV” of Boston. From 1989 to 1991, he hosted a three hour interview program called “9 Broadcast Plaza” at “WWOR-TV” of New Jersey. Matt’s journalism career came to recognition in 1992 when he joined the “WNBC” channel of “NBC” TV group. He joined the channel as a newsreader for the show titled “The Today Show”. While at NBC, he hosted various other shows named “Weekend Today”, “NBC News at Sunrise” and “NBC Nightly News”. He was also a co-host for the NBC’s live show “Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade”. On 29 November 2017, Matt was terminated from NBC after a female employee alleged him for sexually harassing her during the 2014 Olympics held in Russia. As per record, Matt has not received any journalism award to date.

Salary, Net Worth & Earnings:

The net worth of Matt Lauer till date is $85 million. He has made this considerable fortune mainly from his journalism career. In 2012, Matt signed a contract with NBC that paid him a reported $25 million per year. Apart from earning as a journalist, he has also gained by endorsing various products during his live shows. This immense wealth has given Matt a very comfortable life with luxurious cars and bungalows which he enjoys currently.

Some interesting facts about Matt Lauer:

Not many college dropouts make it to interviewing influential people like the Royal family or the presidential candidates, but Matt Lauer did it, and he did it better than what could be asked of him! Here are a few interesting facts about Matt Lauer’s life and career.

• In 1991 while working at “WWOR-TV,” he refused to read live ads for a bedding company and so had to leave the channel.

• In an interview with a famous American actor Tom Cruise in 2005, Matt argued with him about psychiatry and postpartum depression for which Tom called him a “glib.”

• In November 2015, he interviewed another American actor Charlie Sheen in which for the first time Charlie revealed that he was an HIV patient.

• On 8 September 2016, he questioned the presidential candidates, Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton.

• On 19 June 2007, Matt talked to Prince William and Prince Harry of the British Royal Family.

Matt Lauer is a famous journalist known for throwing tough questions at the persons he interviews. However, in many conversations like that of Trump and Hilary Clinton, it was alleged that Matt was softer towards Trump than Clinton. But such allegations are often labeled to journalists when they interview politicians of two different political parties, and so it should not be a criterion for judging Matt’s journalism career. The way Matt dropped his school to join journalism and went on to the position of interviewing US presidential candidates is commendable.

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